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NEWS 2020

Live streaming concert: NATALE è NATALE

December 12, 2020

December 13 - Sunday @ 05.45 pm

LIVE CONCERT STREAMING on MegaMauro YouTube channel

MegaMauro will broadcast from home a very special Christmas concert to help two associations active in their territory: "Amici di Oscar" and "Un passo insieme", both working in helping families and people with severe disability situations. The show, of course fully live, will present an engagin repertoire including the most well-known Christmas songs from all over the world. The concert video will be available just after the concert for people not able to follow it in real time.

Special worship: THANKSGIVING MASS

November 07, 2020

The new vocal group "Vita che canta"(founded by MegaMauro) animated the Thanksgiving Mass in Pinerolo Cathedral last Sunday (Novembre 8th). Mauro conducted the choir and the participants, Mega was the leader voice during the service. The Mass was presided by the Bishop Derio Olivero.

NEWS: The new choir "Vita che canta" started its activity

October 11, 2020

MegaMauro created the new vocal group "Vita che canta", first meeting and rehearsals on Tuesday October 12, 2020. Immediately more than 30 people joined the choir, probably attracted be the "colorful" repertoire that will include ethnic songs, spiritual and gospel songs and even some rap compositions. On December the first "official" event during one Mass presided by the bishop Derio Olivero and then the preparation of a Christmas concert already programmed in several location around the Diocese. Here is the official Facebook page of the vocal group.

Live webinar: EXPLORING RD-88

October 04, 2020

October 5 - Monday @ 04.00 pm

LIVE STREAMING on PT Citra Intirama YouTube channel

Mauro will introduce the new Roland RD-88 (digital piano) exploring its features and giving many music examples specially created for the Indonesian market.

Live streaming show with many surprises and the special performance of Mega, singing Indonesian and international songs.


September 23, 2020

September 24 - Thursday @ 6 pm

New site Ferrarin Pianoforti - Via Milano 2, Arbizzano di Negrar (VR)

New event for MegaMauro after the great response of February's grand opening. Piano & Voice, Orchestral organ & Voice for a special performance touching many different music styles. As always the event will be full of fun, entertainment, music quality and surprises.

NEWS: MegaMauro as guest stars @ In Arte Association

September 17, 2020

MegaMauro will perform as MC and guest stars during the official opening of the new cultural association "In Arte". Mauro will introduce the music program of the upcoming months (of course also MegaMauro will be part of the group of artists chosen for this project), Mega will sing some songs belonging to completely different music styles: Opera, Jazz, Pop.

NEWS: MegaMauro live webinar for Roland

August 30, 2020

MegaMauro were live on Monday, August 31, for a specific webinar dedicated to the new digital piano RD88 from Roland. Mauro explored the instruments playing many music examples and capturing the attention of the numerous dealers connected. In October a new webinar for all Indonesian musicians and music lover. Stay tuned!

NEWS: MegaMauro interviewed by Radio Veronica One

June 21, 2020

Radio Veronica One (a very famous Italian national FM radio) interviewed MegaMauro on Monday 22, June 2020. MegaMauro introduced their history, their music activity and invited everybody to follow their music events. There was also space for a "solo vocal phrase" when Mega sang "Sik sik sibatumanikam", the very strong Batak song MegaMauro arranged and combined with the Italian tune "Lola".

Special worship: OUTDOOR MASS with our BISHOP

June 20, 2020

Sunday - June 21, 2020 - 06.00 pm

Cortile Seminario (Pinerolo - TO)

Special service presieded by our Bishop, Mons. Derio Olivero, to give hope in restarting after the difficul time of Covid-19. The outdoor mass will be held in the courtyard of PInerolo's seminary. MegaMauro will sing and play live with a repertoire coming from spiritual songs, Christian hymns and prayers. Among the song also the Bishop's hymn composed by MegaMauro "Io siamo".

Here is the news appeared on the magazine "Vita Diocesana".

Live concert: MUSICA & BELLEZZA

June 04, 2020

June 5 - Friday @ 09.00 am

Spirito Santo Parish - Pinerolo (TO)

After the successfull edition of last year, again MegaMauro will perform live during the national event "La lunga notte delle Chiese". The concert will be broadcast in live streaming on the YouTube channel of the magazine "Vita Diocesana". The songs will be alternated by contributions and witnesses by different people, commenting and speaking about the event theme "The beauty in all its forms".

Click HERE to follow the live streaming (starting from 9.00 pm on June 5th, 2020.

Live concert: W LA MAMMA

May 09, 2020

May 10 - Sunday @ 11.30 am

Spirito Santo Parish - Pinerolo (TO)

A wonderful moment dedicated to all mums from Santo Spirito Parish. MegaMauro will perform a mini concert in live streaming with lovely songs as a tribute and a special thanksgiving to all mothers, past ones, present ones and future ones! 

Live concert: CREDIAMOCI - Concerto perla Vita e la Speranza

April 30, 2020

May 1 - Friday @ 9 pm

San Donato Cathedral - Pinerolo (TO)

A new special event organized and produced by MegaMauro: music concert from the Cathedral of Pinerolo broadcasted live in streaming on the YouTube channel of "Vita Diocesana" magazine. The concert goal is to offer a moment of hope and serenity during this difficult time in which most people are at home. The concert will be enriched by external video contributions from different artists and witnesses.

Special Easter Worship in streaming

April 10, 2020

Saturday April 11, 2020 @ 8.30 pm - Sunday April 12, 2020 @ 10.30 am

Spirito Santo Parish (Pinerolo - TO)

MegaMauro will play live from the Spirito Santo Parish in Pinerolo during the streaming live services for Easter. Many hymns, spiritual songs and newly composed tunes to praise the Lord together during this difficult time.

Click here to follow the live streaming from the Facebook pace of the Spirito Santo Parish.

NEWS: Let's praise the Lord during the Holy week

April 05, 2020

MegaMauro just released more than 25 videos collected in one dedicated page to offer religious songs and hymns to praise the Lord during this 2020's Holy Week. New music & vocal arrangements for special and original versions of famous hymns and spiritual songs. The videos are also available on one dedicated page in the website of the magazine "Vita Diocesana".

NEWS: MegaMauro's song "Tinggal di rumah" in Indonesian National TVs

March 25, 2020

MegaMauro's song "Tinggal di rumah" is currentry broadcasted by several Indonesian National TV channels (Metro TV, Kompass TV, TV One) during daily News programs. "We really hope" say MegaMauro "that our song can help people not to underestimate the situation, we really invite everybody to stay at home to reduce drastically the risk of contagion".

Special worship: MESSA di SAN GIUSEPPE - Festa dei papà

March 18, 2020

Thursday - March 19, 2020 - 11.00 am

Parrocchia San Leonardo Murialdo (Pinerolo - TO)

Special service dedicated to Saint Joseph and all daddies. The Bishop of Pinerolo, Mons. Derio Olivero, will preside the service in San Leonardo Murialdo Parish, MegaMauro will play and sing live during the Mass. Among the songs an original praise to Saint Joseph and the Bishop's hymn composed by MegaMauro "Io siamo". The Mass will be broadcasted in live streaming following the page

NEWS: MegaMauro released a new song about corona virus

March 09, 2020

MegaMauro just released a new song inspired by the worldwide situation about corona virus. During this time we are invited to stay at home (#iorestoacasa) to reduce the risk of contagion. The song lyrics speak about all changes we had to make in our lives due to the situation of the virus; it's also an invitation to follow the rules and to discover again the relationships among us.

NEWS: MegaMauro released a new song dedicated to Papua

March 05, 2020

MegaMauro just released a new song to celebrate the beauty, the people and the wonderful island of Papua (Indonesia). Sweet melody and rousing rhythm for this new dancing song by MegaMauro, already supported by a video clips with live shooting in Papua. The title is "I do love you, Papua", like a real love song for this heavenly place in Indonesia.

NEWS: Live worship in Pinerolo's Cathedral

February 29, 2020

MegaMauro protagonists of the First Sunday of Lent's service in Pinerolo's Cathedral. Mega singing as soloist and accompained by the Choir of San Donato and Mauro conducting and playing. The Mass has been presided by the Bishop, Mons. Derio Olivero.

NEWS: Introducing the project "GENTE in ARMONIA"

February 09, 2020

February 10 - Tuesday @ 9 pm

DirClub Piemonte - via Bidone 10, Torino

MegaMauro will introduce their special educational project dedicated to all DirClub members: "GENTE in ARMONIA" (People in harmony) a course touching different sides of the music and harmony, experimenting with several aspects of the language of music, full of practical examples and interactive involvements.


January 31, 2020

February 1 - Saturday @ 5 pm

New site Ferrarin Pianoforti - Via Milano 2, Arbizzano di Negrar (VR)

Brand new concert for MegaMauro in the occasion of the grand opening of the new big site of the historical brand "Ferrarin Pianoforti" in Arbizzano di Negrar (VR). Piano & Voice, Orchestral organ & Voice for a special performance touching many different music styles. As always the event will be full of fun, entertainment, music quality and surprises.

NEWS: MegaMauro for Pinerolo Diocese

January 25, 2020

MegaMauro composed the new Pinerolo's Diocese hymn based on the last Pastoral letter "Would you like a coffee ?" by Bishop Derio Olivero. The title of the song is "Io siamo", the lyrics were composed by the Bishop Himself and the music and the arrangements by MegaMauro. The hymn praises to solidarity and brotherhood, while asking the help of God to become better persons.

The prestigious magazine "Vita Diocesana" offered a special dedicated page to the song. Click here to see it.

Click here to download the score and the lyrics of the song "Io siamo".


January 22, 2020

​January 23 - Thursday @ 9 pm

Parrocchia Madonna di Fatima - Pinerolo (TO)

New concert for MegaMauro during the National Ecumenical week, special new arrangements for "O mio Signor" (inspired by the wonderful "Largo" by Haendel), "Jerusalem" and "Cantate Domino" (by Haendel from the oratory "Judas Maccabeus"). MegaMauro will also cooperate with the Choir of Pinerolo's Cathedral and Corale Valdese.

NEWS: MegaMauro concerts on Vita Diocesana

January 15, 2020

Info, pics and videos about the last MegaMauro concerts during the Christmas time, are available on the socials of "Vita Diocesana", the famous magazine printed in Pinerolo (TO). A good chance to have an idea of the concert for people who missed the events and a great way to feel again the music atmosphere created during the concerts for all audience.

Christmas concert @ Pinerolo's Cathedral (December 24, 2019) - GO TO VIDEO RECAP

Epiphany concert @ Murialdo Parish (January 5, 2020) - GO TO VIDEO RECAP

Click here to go to the dedicated page @ Vita Diocesana website

Workshop & Worship: MESSA CONCERTO

January 10, 2020

January 11 - Saturday @ 6 pm

Parrocchia San Leonardo Murialdo, via De Bernard 40 - Pinerolo (TO)

First a music workshop dedicated to all singers and music lovers, then a Special Service where MegaMauro will play gospel songs and hymns to celebrate the new year 2020.

Live concert: CONCERTO dell'EPIFANIA

January 04, 2020

January 5 - Sunday @ 3 pm

Parrocchia San Leonardo Murialdo, via De Bernard 40 - Pinerolo (TO)

A new Christmas concert for MegaMauro for the first time in San Leonardo Murialdo Parish (Pinerolo). Refined and arousing music arrangements combined with entertainment and fun.

Live show: CAPODANNO 2020

December 30, 2019

December 31 - Tuesday @ 9 pm

Ristorante - pizzeria Nuova Torretta - Cumiana (TO)

Live music, refined music arrangements, dancing and DJ animation to welcome the new year 2020. MegaMauro in a spectacular live show with the best repertoire of the International duo.

Christmas concert: ECO di NATALE

December 23, 2019

December 24 - Tuesday @ 11 pm

Cattedrale di San Donato - Pinerolo (TO)

Also this year the wonderful tradition will continue: MegaMauro will perform some of the most wonderful Christmas songs before the Midnight Christmas service. The Bishop of Pinerolo Diocese, Mons. Derio Olivero, will introduce the concert. Special tribute to the traditional songs with newly music arrangements. Like every year MegaMauro will also cooperate with the Choir of Duomo of Pinerolo. The event is organized with the cooperation of "Vita Diocesana" the local spiritual magazine, reference point for so many readers.


December 22, 2019

December 23 - Monday @ 09.00 am - 04.30 pm

Artù Ente Formativo - Corso Orbassano 336, Torino

A new seminar for MegaMauro offered to one of the most well-known Team Building Agency in Italy: Artù Ente Formativo. Interactive format full of concrete examples and constant involvement of the attendances. Marketing, Global communication, Language of Music, Advertising, Creativity ... all these subjects will be developed during the seminar.


December 19, 2019

December 20 - Friday @ 10 pm

Ristorante - pizzeria Nuova Torretta - Cumiana (TO)

A new entertainment format to appreciate the music of MegaMauro: first a delicious dinner in one of the best restaurant around Turin, then 1 hour concert with the best Christmas songs to enjoy the timeless atmosphere of the upcoming Christmas time.  

NEWS: MegaMauro for the Official Greetings Video by Vita Diocesana

December 20, 2019

MegaMauro performed live for the official "Greetings Video" produced every year by the magazine "Vita Diocesana" to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all subscribers and audience. Special recording session in the wonderful Pinerolo's Cathedral for an original music version of "Feliz Navidad". A special thanks to Lorenzo Mottura for the fantastic shooting!

Special worship: MESSA di NATALE

December 19, 2019

Decembre 20 - Friday @ 5 pm

Parrocchia San Leonardo Murialdo, via De Bernard 40 - Pinerolo (TO)

A special service animated by MegaMauro to celebrate the upcoming Christmas. The Mass will be attended by all students and teachers of the professional school ENGIM, located in Pinerolo. Some songs will also involve the attendances creating an extemporary choir and feeling the sharing in praising the Lord.

Workshop & Worship: MESSA CONCERTO

December 13, 2019

December 14 - Saturday @ 6 pm

Parrocchia San Leonardo Murialdo, via De Bernard 40 - Pinerolo (TO)

First a music workshop dedicated to all singers and music lovers, then a Special Service where MegaMauro will play gospel songs and hymns to celebrate the upcoming Christmas.

Christmas concert: NATALE RACCONTAMI

December 12, 2019

December 13 - Friday @ 9 pm

Parrocchia San Massimo, via XX Settembre, 10 - Collegno (TO)

Also this year the cosolidated tradition will continue: MegaMauro will perform some of the most wonderful Christmas songs in San Massimo Parish.  This time the versatile actress Sara Biò will join the concert, reading and playing some Christmas touching stories with a dedicated music background.

Christmas concert @ Ferrarin Pianoforti - VERONA

November 29, 2019

November 30 - Saturday @ 5 pm

Ferrarin Pianoforti - Viale Piave, 4 - Verona

MegaMauro will perform a special live Christmas concert with the best and most famous Christmas tunes. Rousing and thrilling music arrangements using the latest digital instruments and high voice versatility for this new MegaMauro concert.


November 11, 2019

MegaMauro just released through their YouTube channel, two "Ave Maria" tunes, one by Bach-Gounod and the other by Franz Schubert. The first one showing a new music arrangement full of classic and strings feelings, perfectly fitting with the versatile soprano voice of Mega, the second entrusted to the piano touch of Mauro supporting Mega's voice in a lyrical register.


November 02, 2019

November 3, Sunday - from 10 am till 6 pm

Lucky Music Network - via Carlo d'Adda 29, Milano

Mauro performing live on the new Dexibell digital pianos. A music tour around technology and music functions for one unique and rousing live show.

Special worship: CORINFESTA 2019

October 26, 2019

October 27, Sunday - 6 pm

Pinerolo Cathedral (Pinerolo - TO)

Mauro conducting a choir of 100 people and Mega singing as a soloist during the special service celebrating Pinerolo's diocese. Newly music arrangements and polyphonic harmonies for modern and traditional Christian hymns.

The Bishop Derio Olivero presides the service.

Live show: MUSIC CHINA

October 11, 2019

October 10, 2019 - Thursday @ 13.40    @ 15.00

October 11, 2019 - Friday       @ 10.00    @ 12.20    @ 14.40

October 12, 2019 - Saturday  @ 10.00    @ 12.20    @ 13.40    @ 15.00

Music China - Shanghai (China)


Mauro Goia performing with the latest high tech instruments from Dexibell, in a new and rousing live show full of music, entertainment and surprises!

Guest star during the show Miss Rola, famous Chinese singer very active on social media with thousands followers.

NEWS: Live concert in Pinerolo

August 31, 2019

September 1 - Sunday @ 10 am

MegaMauro offered 3 spiritual songs newly arranged before the big celebration of Pinerolo's Patron Saint. Hundreds people attended the performance clapping and appreciating the unexpected show before the big Mass.

Marketing seminar: PEOPLE in HARMONY

August 25, 2019

August 26  - Monday @ 08.30 am

Sinarmas Headquarter, Jakarta (Indonesia)

After the big success of the first seminar edition, Sinarmas Insurance Indonesia asked for another thrilling workshop for a perfect "team building" experience dedicated to the people who could not be present the first time: "Imagine your company like on orchestra and lead it like a music conductor". MegaMauro will let the audience experience with the music harmony, the conductors movements, melodies and rhythms for one unique seminar that compares music & marketing.

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